About us

Fifteen Minutes is a management and casting agency founded in 2020 by Laura Schleder and Michael Kastens. Our mission is to build a career for a non-conforming selection of talents and to collaborate with clients on creating a unique brand identity.

Clients include: 

Adidas, Aevor, Armed Angels, Buffalo, C-Heads Magazine, C.P. Company, Desigual, Fairtrade, Foot Locker, Funktion Schnitt, Kaltblut Magazine, Kasia Kucharska, Lampoon Magazine, L’official Hommes, Male Model Scene, Marina Hoermanseder, Neubau Eyewear, pinqponq, Salomon, Sicky Magazine, Telekom Magenta, Trippen, Vanity Teen, Vogue Czech, Vogue Germany, Vogue Portugal, Von Dutch and many more.